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Download Three hands in the fountain djvu

by Lindsey DAVIS

Author: Lindsey DAVIS
Subcategory: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Century; 1st UK ed. edition (1997)
Pages: 432 pages
Category: Suspense and Mystery
Rating: 4.5
Other formats: doc azw lit txt

Книга жанра: Детективы, Криминальные детективы. Читать онлайн в библиотеке Booksonline.

Книга жанра: Детективы, Криминальные детективы. The fountain was not working. Nothing unusual in that. This was the Aventine. It must have been off for some time. The water spout, a crudely moulded cockleshell dangled by a naked but rather uninteresting nymph, was thick with dry pigeon guano. The bowl was cleaner. Two men sharing the bottom of an amphora of badly travelled Spanish wine could lean there' without marking their tunics

Davis Lindsey We were in Tailors' Lane.

Lindsey Davis Three Hands in The Fountain PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS Julia Junilla – a baby at the centre of attention;Didius Falco – a new father, who is said to need a partner;Helena Justina – his partner at home and at work, a new mother;Petronius Longus – a troubleshooter, but in trouble;Arria Silvia – his wife, who has just shot him down;Julia's doting grand-mama;Julia's grandfather, the idealistic senator;Ju. We were in Tailors' Lane. We had deliberately turned round the corner from Fountain Court where I lived, so that if any of my brothers-in-law looked down into the street they would not spot us and inflict themselves upon us.

Three Hands in the Fountain is a 1997 historical mystery crime novel by Lindsey Davis and the ninth book of the Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries series. The title alludes to the song "Three Coins in the Fountain" as well as to the macabre discovery which triggers Falco's investigation.

Marcus Didius Falco - 9 ). Lindsey Davis. Three Hands in The Fountain. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS. Julia Junilla – a baby at the centre of attention

Marcus Didius Falco - 9 ). Thurius a surly minion; Some Other Suspects: 250,000 people in the Circus Maximus; Everyone else who has a job connected with the Games; All the inhabitants of Tibur, and the nearby countryside; The man in the street; Jurisdictions of the Vigiles Cohorts in Rome: ROME: AUGUST-OCTOBER, AD73.

Fountain Court did not possess its own water supply, any more than Tailors' Lane was home- to any garment-sewers. The fountain made a rude noise. Some sludge plopped out. Slowly water began to trickle through, encouraged by more waggling of the wire. Well, that's the Aventine. One or two passers-by, seeing us in the wrong street with our heads together, assumed we were conferring about work. They gave us looks that could have been reserved for a; pair of squashed rats on the highroad. We were both well known characters in the Thirteenth District.

Something more urgent needed investigation first. I had arranged to meet Petronius back at Fountain Court. Arriving in the early afternoon I found, first, that I had missed having lunch with. Helena; she had eaten hers, assuming I must be having mine elsewhere. My second discovery was that since Petronius had dropped in to see if I was home yet, he had been given my food. If we'd known you were on your way we would have waited, of course.

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Lindsey Davis has hit her stride in this novel

Lindsey Davis has hit her stride in this novel. She has mastered the all the tools of narrative to turn out a first rate mystery novel. The situation is this. Can Marcus find the killer before he does away with Claudia? In Three Hands in the Fountain, Lindsey Davis provides a brilliant description of the Roman water supply, the interconnectedness of the aqueducts, and their sources up in the hills outside the city. She also hits just the right note in describing the Roman enthusiasm for sport.

Three Hands in the Fountain is one of the darkest tales written in the ‘Falco’ series of books written by Lindsey Davis. The book begins with the discovery of a hand being found blocking the water flow into a local fountain, a fountain that Falco just happens to be leaning against while drinking with his friend Petro. As the story develops, we learn that body parts routinely end up in the water supply of Rome and we learn aw well that such finds are usually covered up.

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