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Download The Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary and King James Bible in Libronix CD djvu

Download The Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary and King James Bible in Libronix CD djvu

by Noah Webster

Author: Noah Webster
Language: English
Publisher: Foundation for the American Christian Education; Microsoft only- not Compatible with MAC edition (March 3, 2008)
Category: Reference
Rating: 4.5
Other formats: azw doc mbr mobi

The frontispiece gives us a wonderful portrait of Webster.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary.

The early Webster dictionaries are works of genius with superb erudition and literary quality. They contain copious usage notes and examples from great literature such as the Bible, Shakespeare, and Milton.

The Webster Bible published in 1833 by Noah Webster, a devout Christian, used the King James Version (KJV) strictly as a guide while consulting the Hebrew and Greek texts in this Textus Receptus based Bible translation.

Webster's original 1828 American Dictionary utilized King James Bible verses within the definitions. In fact, it contained the greatest number of Biblical definitions given of any reference volume.

1833 RARE 1ST-ED NOAH WEBSTER HOLY BIBLE Antique KJV King James 1611 Dictionary.

Noah Webster House, moved from New Haven, Connecticut to Greenfield Village in. .

Webster's 1828 dictionary, An American Dictionary of the English Language, was the first American dictionary ever published. Its printing set forth the national identity of the United States as distinct from England. Webster's original 1828 Dictionary published here unedited, in its entirety captured the meanings of the words used by his contemporaries, protecting America's liberty by preserving the original intent of our founding documents. Noah Webster's excellent scholarship is apparent on every page of his dictionary: word origins are traced through twenty-eight different languages. The thorough prose of his definitions is readable and clarifies essential meanings for today. Words used in the King James Bible are described from their Scriptural context, making it an excellent tool for building a Biblical worldview.This product also includes the King James Version of the Bible: the two books are integrated together to enable fast, thorough key word studies that are a fundamental method of the Principle Approach®.