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by Udo Kultermann

Author: Udo Kultermann
Subcategory: History & Criticism
Language: English
Publisher: Abaris Books (August 1, 1993)
Pages: 278 pages
Category: Photo and Art
Rating: 4.9
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Udo Kultermann’s most popular book is Yayoi Kusama. Showing 23 distinct works. Yayoi Kusama by. Laura J. Hoptman

Udo Kultermann (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0898350555. To navigate the ever-shifting paths up the mountain of art history, one needs the intellectual equivalent of sturdy shoes and a strong staff.

Udo Kultermann (Author). This well-known German overview, in its first English translation, provides much of the needed support. Intended for both the lay reader and the scholar, the text traces the discipline and its major figures from ancient Greece to the 20th century and is, of necessity, as much a history of art itself as it is of art historiography

by. Kultermann, Udo. Publication date.


Discussion about art and art history arose extremely late in Greece, and until then major Greek thinkers had scant respect for . Publication year: 1993. Contributors: Udo Kultermann.

Discussion about art and art history arose extremely late in Greece, and until then major Greek thinkers had scant respect for artists themselves. Surviving texts show that well into the fifth century and later the artist was simply considered a banausos - literally, an artisan, a man whose work was much admired but who himself stood far below the philosopher, orator, or tragedian in social rank - on a level, in fact, with barbers, cooks, and smiths. Over 14 million journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.

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The History of Art History. Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13: 9780898350555.

history of art. history" at our disposal. Kultermann's conception of art theory is broad: Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, for. example, find a place along. Now Kultermann has produced a. similarly conceived "brief history of art theory" and placed.

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Published online by Cambridge University Press: 06 June 2016.

Udo Kultermann, German Architectural and art historian. Recipient Distinguished Faculty award Washington University, 1985. Faculty member National Humanities Faculty, Atlanta, since 1986. Member Croatian Academy Sciences and Arts (correspondent).

History of Art History. ISBN 9780898350555 (978-0-89835-055-5) Hardcover, Abaris Books, 1993. Find signed collectible books: 'History of Art History'. New Directions in African Architecture. ISBN 9780289798478 (978-0-289-79847-8) Softcover, Studio Vista, 1970. Coauthors & Alternates.

The classic examination of the work of art historians