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Download Dragon's Bishop djvu

by Carol L. Dennis,Rick Dennis

Author: Carol L. Dennis,Rick Dennis
Language: English
Publisher: Pale Horse Publishing; 1st edition (May 30, 2007)
Pages: 286 pages
Category: No category
Rating: 4.3
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Dragon's Bishop book.

Dragon's Bishop book. From the moment Rory, the leprechaun, decides to get even with Mage Argen.

See if your friends have read any of Rick Dennis's books. Rick Dennis’s Followers. None yet. Rick Dennis. Dragon's Bishop by. Carol L. Dennis, Rick Dennis.

Book in the Dragon's Game Series). by Carol L. Dennis and Rick Dennis.

Dragon's Game is the collective name for a series of fantasy novels written by Carol L. Dennis and Richard E. Dennis. The series is set within the known timeline, making no alterations to Earth's history, but adding onto it in other locations. The storyline spans from the 1960s to the 21st century, and features three generations of heroes, descended from the original protagonist. Dragon's Pawn (Carol L. Dennis, Questar: 1987 and Pale Horse Publishing: 1999).

Dragon's Game (Carol L. Dennis, Wildside Press: 2004) - Omnibus containing above. Dragon's Bishop (as by Carol Dennis and Rick Dennis, Pale Horse Publishing: 2007). Dragon's Rook (Carol and Rick Dennis, Pale Horse Publishing: 2006). Gunnora's Dragons (as by Carol Denni, Wildside Press: 2011). Summary Bibliography: Carol L.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In this trilogy, you are transported to the magical world of Realm and the Dragon's Games that must take place to save their world.

Another Carol Dennis book that makes the bedtime story fun for adults again. Chester Evans, Modesto, CA -Mail-in post card.

Carol L. & Rick Dennis. Follow along to learn which of the unlikely heroes takes the place of the Bishop. This is the sixth book in the series. View as: Grid List (1 to 2 of 2) Prev Next Display: 3 6 12 24. Dragon's Bishop. Who will become the Dragon’s Bishop after Argen vacates the post? Follow along to learn which of the unlikely heroes takes the place of the Bishop. It is a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy.

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From the moment Rory, the leprechaun, decides to get even with Mage Argen Koenig for awakening him unexpectedly, the issue of who will assume the title of the Dragon's Bishop becomes a mystery. Argen, mislabeled bishop by the venegeful Rory, dislikes the title and wants no part of it. Getting no credit, little respect from those he aids, and harrassment over his lack of parenting skills, he withdraws from what he refers to as the game. Kerrigwen, a Sidhe maiden, will grow up to be an expert healer. Young as she is, she has chosen to cure the sick. The green dragon, Firefly, whose only claim to fame id the flashing scale on her tail, becomes Kerrigwen's companion. What adventures will mature their friendship? Killeen uses her vast Sidhe powers almost casually, for she plans to be a warrior. Battle is her greatest pleasure. Sparrow, her special dragon, becomes her first dragon gatekeeper after he loses his wings in a skirmish. Can a battle maiden match with a flightless dragon function as the Dragon's Bishop? Sterlina, Argen's own daughter, exhibits many powers for one so young, but she is afraid of dragon riding and has no desire to fly dragonback, so how could she be in the running for the title? Is it possible for someone who refuses to select a dragon companion to be Dragon's Bishop? Unlikely as it seems, one of these three must step forward to become the Dragon's Bishop and champion those who have no one to speak for them.