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by Joe Fisher

Author: Joe Fisher
Language: English
Publisher: Collins Publishers, (1984)
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Rating: 4.9
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Joe Fisher, founder of JoeFisherBooks

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Joe is a three-time author. Without a doubt, it is the very best book on the subject of public reactions to the serial murderer; a subject, I might add, that was off the radar, as it were, until the publication of this book. Killer Among Us: Public Reactions to Serial Murder.

Joe Fisher was an investigative writer specializing in metaphysical topics In 1981, Joe Fisher left daily journalism to concentrate on writing books and freelance articles

Joe Fisher was an investigative writer specializing in metaphysical topics. Andrew Joseph Fisher was born and educated in England; he held dual citizenship with Canada, his home base since 1971. In 1981, Joe Fisher left daily journalism to concentrate on writing books and freelance articles. Since then, he has traveled widely (Australia and Antarctica are recent destinations) and contributed to periodicals ranging from Canada's national dailies, The National Post and The Globe & Mail, to magazines including Outpost, Equinox, Ocean Drive and Life & Soul.

The library is also home to the university archives which, in addition to institutional records, also contains the papers of many important Canadian literary figures including Margaret Atwood and Leonard Cohen.

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Joe Fisher is the father of two children and is passionate about the importance of loved ones reading to young children on a frequent basis. Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine is his first children’s book and is the written version of a story he created and told his children when they were young. KILLER AMONG US book featured in A&E specia. eptember 12th, 2018. Catch Joe on a Podcast. Local Book Wins Acclaim. Meet Ospreys in the Outfield Illustrator.

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Joe Fisher (1947–2001) was a Canadian journalist and paranormal writer. Andrew Joseph Fisher was born and educated in England. In 1971 he moved to Canada, from where he mostly worked. He did not give up his British citizenship, holding a dual citizenship with Canada. Fisher began his career in journalism as a junior reporter on The Staffordshire Advertiser.