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Download Qumrân (French Edition) djvu


Language: French
Publisher: BNF (2010)
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Rating: 4.8
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Résumé du 1e. .

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Traces of French tradition in writing have stayed on in English to the present day. Firstly there were changes in the alphabet, some letters typical of OE came out of use and some new ones were introduced. The alphabet of the 14th c. is basically the same that is in use now: · the letter z, which was used in OE to denote several distinct consonant phonemes, is replaced by the letters g and y (. OE zōd - ME gōd; OE zēar – ME yēr); · the ligature æ comes into disuse; the change accompanies the phonetic change of short æ into a and that of long æ into ē

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by. Gillian Tett (Author). Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

Written by. French Willaume.

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HERICHER, L. / M. LANGLOIS / E. VILLENEUVE, EDS.: QUMRAN. LE SECRET DES MANUSCRITS DE LA MER MORTE. PARIS, 2010, 176 p. color laminas.Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.