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Download Riptide (Cutter Cay) djvu

by Cherry Adair

Author: Cherry Adair
Subcategory: United States
Language: English
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks; Original edition (August 30, 2011)
Category: Fiction and Literature
Rating: 4.2
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With Riptide, Cherry Adair proves that Undertow was not a one shot thing. Series Note: Second book in Adair's Cutter Cay series about the Cutter brothers and their marine salvage business.

With Riptide, Cherry Adair proves that Undertow was not a one shot thing. She's onto something good with her series about the Cutter brothers, and we readers are the lucky ones! This is tall, dark, and sexy Nick Cutter's story.

The thrid book in Cherry Adair's Cutter Cay series plunges into a Vortex of high-sea adventure and romance. Cherry Adair did such a great job making the reader feel as if they were part of the experience. I felt like I was right there diving into the water looking for the buried treasure with Zane and Teal. Hanging With Bells Blog on the Cutter Cay series.

6 primary works, 6 total works. In this series of action-packed romance novels from bestselling author Cherry Adair, meet the Cutter Brothers. All tall, dark and handsome, with startling blue eyes, the Cutters are modern-day pirates and treasure hunters. Reckless and handsome, nothing can stop these men-until they find the women they can’t resist. Plunge into the world o. ore.

Cherry Adair Book Store. Cherry Adairs’ Writers’ Bible. FALLEN AGENTS OF T-FLAC Series. Absolute Doubt - Book 1. LODESTONE SERIES. ONE. Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum. The exhibit closed yesterday. The raised voice, precise, female and annoyed, came from the shadows at the far end of the long, narrow exhibit hall.

Adair's books have appeared on the bestseller lists of Publisher's Weekly, USA Today and the New York Times. 2011 Undertow (1st of the Cutter Cay series). 2011 Riptide (2nd of the Cutter Cay series). 2012 Vortex (3rd of the Cutter Cay series).

Cutter Cay (Volume 2). Cherry Adair. St. Martin's Paperbacks. She hates first drafts, has a passion for mentoring unpublished writers, and is hard at work on two new series – CUTTER CAY and LODESTONE.

She was flipping through the channels; reception in the middle of the Pacific was iffy, and she paused whenever a relatively clear program came on.

Adair, Cherry d wasn’t going to prepare her for Victor’s next move. At least if she saw him on the news, she’d know where he was. Four T-FLAC men faced the windows, forming a blockade of wall-to-wall muscle. There was nothing out there but water as far as the eye could see. What a boring job. She prayed it stayed boring

However, things do not go as planned when Princess.

However, things do not go as planned when Princess.

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Booktopia has Undertow, Cutter Cay by Cherry Adair. Undertow, book 1 in Cutter Cay series. Summary Zane Cutter has been working on finding the ultimate treasure on a ship torn apart years ago from a hurricane. But he needs an engine specialist, Teal Williams. Eye on Romance is a web site where romance readers and writers of the romance genre can come together to discuss featured books, authors, book characters, heros, heroines and plots.

Princess Bria Visconti demands the return of the money her brother rashly invested in Cutter Salvage. Treasure hunter Nick Cutter is too reckless, too arrogant―and far too handsome―for his own good. But he can't charm his way out of this one. Bria plans to make Nick pay up even if she has to board his boat, don a wet suit, and dive for the treasure herself…

Nick sees Bria as a beautiful but spoiled princess who's never done a day's work in her pampered life. But once they set sail for the dive site, and the legendary fortune in gold the wreck carries, Nick begins to see Bria in a new light. This princess may be out of her depth, but she's ready to take on the hidden danger and excitement a treasure hunt stirs to the surface. Together they must fight unexpected enemies―and reveal their darkest secrets―before they're pulled into a rip current of danger.