Download Kiss Me, Judas djvu

Download Kiss Me, Judas djvu

by Will Christopher Baer

Author: Will Christopher Baer
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Lawson Library (June 20, 2006)
Pages: 316 pages
Category: Fiction and Literature
Rating: 4.3
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a novel by will christopher baer. ebook ISBN: 978-1-59692-868-8. M P Publishing Limited. Baer, Will Christopher.

a novel by will christopher baer. Kiss me, Judas, by Will Christopher Baer. ISBN 1-931561-80-X (hardcover : alk. paper).

Kiss Me, Judas is a 1998 neo-noir novel by the American author Will Christopher Baer

Kiss Me, Judas is a 1998 neo-noir novel by the American author Will Christopher Baer. The book was first published on October 1, 1998, through Viking Press and follows the character of Phineas Poe after he wakes up in a hotel bathtub full of ice to discover that somebody has removed one of his kidneys. During his first night out of a mental institution after suffering a nervous breakdown, Phineas Poe is picked up by a prostitute named Jude

Will Christopher Baer, Kiss Me, Judas. I hold her hand until she falls asleep, then steal fifty dollars from her purse. Will Christopher Baer, Kiss Me, Judas.

Will Christopher Baer, Kiss Me, Judas. tags: disappear, words. Sorrow is like the ocean and sometimes I wish my heart would stop. ― Will Christopher Baer. Arms and legs thrashing. I’m coming, says Jude.

A story about a man whose kidney is stolen by a prostitute. Can that urban legend be anything but the stale center of an overtired premise? Apparantly, it CAN be something more. Will Christopher Baer's writing is edgy, visceral, and almost nauseating in its effectiveness.

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Will Christopher Baer. Will Christopher Baer. When Phineas Poe is enlisted by his old ally, Detective Moon, to find a missing cop named Jimmy Sky, he is drawn into the Game of Tongues, a violent fantasy game played by the disaffected and delusional in the punk clubs, rooftops, and sewers of Denver.

Kiss Me, Judas by Will Christopher Baer.

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Baer Will Christopher.

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Have you ever loved someone whos mortally wounded you? Phineas Poe, disgraced cop and morphine addict, has just been released from a psych ward when he meets a beautiful woman named Jude in a hotel bar. Red dress, black hair, body like a knife. He takes her back to his room and wakes the next morning in a bathtub full of blood and ice, missing a kidney.

Dragging himself from a hospital bed, Phineas discovers he wants to be with Jude like a hunger and he wants to find her and kill her. Falling for her is the start of a twisted love story that takes him from the snowy streets of Denver to the high plains of Texas where the boundaries between torturer and victim, killer and accomplice, become nightmarishly distorted.