Download Bridge of Years, A djvu

Download Bridge of Years, A djvu

by Robert C. Wilson

Author: Robert C. Wilson
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Spectra (September 1, 1992)
Category: Fantasy and Science Fiction
Rating: 4.2
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Robert Charles Wilson. Woe is me, woe is me! The acorn's not yet fallen from the tree. He had arrived at this outpost in August of the year 1964 and since then he had not held a conversation more prolonged than the necessary hellos and thank yous directed at store clerks and delivery people.

Robert Charles Wilson. Occasionally someone would move into the house down the road, would climb the long hill to introduce himself, and the time traveler would be friendly in return. but there was something in his manner that discouraged a second visit.

A Bridge of Years does that and more. I first began reading Robert Charles Wilson when I read Spin, and fell in love with his writing style immediately. I listened to this book on audio and loved it. The narrator was excellent and the writing style really captivated me. I had recently read Stephen King's 11/22/63 and wasn't sure I wanted to dive into another "time tunnel" book, but Wilson has a unique style and worked for me on a variety of levels. a time-travel story that's part love, part fantasy, and all good. One thing, though: this is not at all a "hard" science novel, so don't come to it expecting anything like "Spin," where really clever time-acrobatics occur.

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by Robert Charles Wilson. Woe is me, woe is me! The acorn’s not yet fallen from the tree That’s to grow the wood That’s to make the cradle That’s to rock the babe That’s to grow a man That’s to lay me to my rest. He had not taken that decision, however, or even begun to contemplate its necessity, on the cool spring morning when Billy Gargullo burst through the kitchen door into the back yard, heavily armed and golden in his armor. The time traveler-whose name was Ben Collier-had begun the slow, pleasant labor of laying out a garden at the back of the lawn.

A Bridge of Years book. Tom Winter thought the secluded cottage in the Pacific Northwest. I have an image of Robert Charles Wilson as a kindly, well turned out gentleman of independent means sitting at his escritoire carefully penning a few well chosen words while the log fire burns cheerily and his over indulged cat lies curled on it’s favourite armchair. This gentle novel has done nothing to dispel this pleasant vista.

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But mornings were good, too. This was a good morning. It was good to wake up and feel the city waking up around her. Since she had lived in New York the rhythm of the city had become a stabilizing pattern

But mornings were good, too. Since she had lived in New York the rhythm of the city had become a stabilizing pattern. She had learned to distinguish the sound of morning traffic from the sound of afternoon traffic, both distinct from the lonelier siren sound of the traffic late at night. Morning traffic woke her with promises

Wilson, Robert Charles.

Wilson, Robert Charles d golden in his armor.

From Robert Charles Wilson, the Hugo Award-winning author of Spin, A Bridge of Years is a classic . Wilson transforms a simple time travel novel into a moving reflection on love, despair, and the resilience of the human spirit.

From Robert Charles Wilson, the Hugo Award-winning author of Spin, A Bridge of Years is a classic science fiction story of time-travel and human transformation. John W. Campbell Memorial Award - Winner, Hugo Award - Nominee. Connect with the author. Robert Charles Wilson. Robert Charles Wilson is a hell of a storyteller. Robert Charles Wilson is one of the best science fiction writers alive.

A secluded Pacific Northwest cottage becomes a door to the past for Tom Winter, who travels back to the New York City of 1962, followed by a human killing machine that he alone must stop. Reprint.