Download The Alien Years djvu

Download The Alien Years djvu

by Robert Silverberg

Author: Robert Silverberg
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Voyager; First Edition Thus edition (July 7, 1999)
Category: Fantasy and Science Fiction
Rating: 4.4
Other formats: docx lrf lit azw

Also by Robert Silverberg. Sorcerers of Majipoor. The lord valentine trilogy

Also by Robert Silverberg. The lord valentine trilogy. So Mike Carmichael had been living there the past seven years, in a little wooden house up in Laurel Canyon amidst the lush green shrubbery, and for seven Octobers in a row he had dutifully gone out to dump chemical retardants on the annual brush fires, to save the locals from their own idiotic carelessness.

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I think the Alien Years by Silverberg was an enjoyable book, albeit with a lame ending. I've always admired and enjoyed the works of Robert Silverberg but thought of him primarily as a brilliant writer of fantasy. We are following the lives and doings of the family Carmichaels in California, USA when the aliens arrive. The book takes a unique take on how aliens may be, act and behave when they conquer the Earth. This novel is pretty much straight science fiction, a take on alien invasions that is diametrically opposed to the classic Hollywood treatments like "Independence Da.

Robert Silverberg would not be happy with this I'm sure, as this novel is his words and imagination. Mr. Silverberg never disappoints. The Alien Years spans three generations during the sudden occupation of the earth by godlike beings. Great insights into the human condition and it's resilience. 7 people found this helpful.

THE ALIEN YEARS is an epic story told over multiple generations by master of thoughtful science fiction Robert Silverberg. Can ideas of freedom survive in the face of an overwhelmingly powerful enemy?

THE ALIEN YEARS is an epic story told over multiple generations by master of thoughtful science fiction Robert Silverberg. Can ideas of freedom survive in the face of an overwhelmingly powerful enemy? A remarkable study of human endurance and patience that belongs in most SF collections. The Library Journal Sobering and frightenin. .Silverberg’s rich characters, his dead-on-target vision of modern society, his mastery at building tension-all are in evidence in this notable outing from one of the very best. Sci-fi & Fantasy Aliens Military Sci-fi.

Author: Robert Silverberg. Publisher: HarperCollins, 1998. The Carmichael family are leading the fight against the Entities from their mountain ranch. But what legacy will the aliens leave behind them when they go? Contents. Seven years from NOW1. Nine years from NOW2. Nineteen years from NOW3. Twenty-two years from NOW4. Twenty-nine years from NOW5. Forty years from NOW6.

Силверберг Роберт - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. In, Silverberg takes the Utopia theme and turns it on its head. The scene is Earth many centuries in the future, where all of life's problems have been solved. But while humanity may be well fed, amply clothed, in perfect health, and rich beyond imagination, people are bored nearly to death.

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It Was The Worst of Times...

Fifteen feet tall, the Entities land in cities across Earth. Ignoring humankind, they wall themselves in impenetrable enclaves, enslaving a few willing collaborators with their telepathic PUSH. Then they plunge humans into a new Dark Age without electricity, allowing us to live--but no longer as a dominant species.

But a few refuse to submit to fate, including the Carmichael family, whose patriarch, an aging colonel devoted to resistance, will inspire a daring new generation of dissidents. United in spirit, these diverse rebels--an aging hippie, a cold-blooded Muslim assassin, a prodigal son, and a renegade hacker--will carry on the colonel's legacy as they attempt to kill the mysterious Prime Entity and free the planet.